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In order to be able to access the VAUNT Developer or VAUNT Agency app on your phone, it is necessary to purchase an account.

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Can I customize the app?

VAUNT® uses SaaS (Software as a Service), often called software on-demand, which is addressed to all agencies and real estate developers. 


The premise of the software-as-a-service, or Saas, model is that a piece of software is hosted on a cloud infrastructure (i.e., operated through a web browser), and businesses pay a monthly fee to get access to this software, without additional costs. 


For any proposals/requests regarding new functionalities, we are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

Can I use the app on mobile as well?

The app is available on mobile, both on iOS and Android. (with the exception of Huawei Store - App Gallery). VAUNT® is a native mobile app, which assures a high level of technological quality for mobile phones. It is intuitive, easy to use, fast and secure. 

What are your development plans?

We are constantly working on updates that improve the efficiency of our app’s usage. To be up to date with everything we are working on, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter. Furthermore, users will always be informed regarding updates or changes in the app through the “Documentation” section. Furthermore, VAUNT Agency and Developer clients will have acces to a website page where they can see our future improvements and updates planned to be launched in the app. We focus on transparency when it comes to our clients.

What will happen if there are any errors in the app?

VAUNT® is a high availability service, so the availability and functionality rate will be higher, tracked by users perception, defined through characteristics such as: fiability, error detectors and continuous operationalization. If you are confronted with major problems, VAUNT® specialists are automatically informed and will solve the problems immediately. 


Does the app have any discounts?

Our vision was to create an app available to every professional in real estate. The costs are standard, but, whenever special offers are available, you will be able to see them on our website.

Can you implement my feedback?

The idea behind the app is based on focusing on the needs and requests of the real estate market. We are open to our clients’ ideas, so we select what is a priority to their needs and we endeavor to implement it quickly. Your request might even be already solved in the app but in another form. If you can’t find the solution in the “Documentation” section, we kindly ask you to contact us. 

How do I know my personal data is safe?

Only you have access to your account. In this regard, you can only connect with your private username and password. Furthermore, you are protected by the VAUNT® Confidentiality Policy, which clearly states that we are not allowed to share any information from your account. 

Folosim un serviciu terț prin care aplicația noastră este monitorizată în timp real. Urmărește link-ul pentru a vedea gradul de disponibilitate din ultima perioadă.

Is the app compliant with GDPR policy?

The app is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) policy. You may ask for your clients’ permission to send them newsletters or other promotional messages, while respecting GDPR policy. If you don’t have the necessary online documents, we can provide them for you. 


What languages does the app support?

VAUNT® is an international product. This means it can be used in Romanian language, as well as English and Hebrew. In the process of our development, we will add new languages. .

I conduct projects in another country. Can I use VAUNT® for my projects if they are in different cities or countries?

VAUNT® can be used anytime, anywhere. All you need is your VAUNT® account and an internet connection. 

Are VAUNT® servers safe?

The servers’ provider for VAUNT® app is one of the largest in the world: Amazon. Backups are made every 3 hours on other Amazon servers. Your data does not leave the territory of European Union. 

Our websites have multiple servers, in multiple geographical areas, to ensure a higher loading speed wherever your website visitors are.

Can VAUNT® connect to my website?

VAUNT® can connect to your already existent website. Our team will help you with the technical support for your website's integration in VAUNT.  

Can I publish directly from my website?

We can create a connection between already existing data from your website and VAUNT®, as long as you have an API (a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications). For more details, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Can leads from my website be transferred to VAUNT® ?

Yes, the connection is made via API (a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications). To connect, please contact one of our team members. 


Do you have any other questions?