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VAUNT Agency

For every realtor that needs VAUNT.

Available on Web, iOS, Android, Tablet

Manage your business from start to finish! We will offer all the information and updates you need!

VAUNT is available in 3 languages: Romanian, English and עִברִית

The solution is here.

VAUNT Agency focuses on efficiency. We bring you constant updates in the app, we offer tutorials and constant help when needed. From presentations, to sales and digital signing, you can count on VAUNT.

Real Estate digitization

Our mission is to offer useful tools for realtors. VAUNT Agency was created with two key concepts in mind: mobility and unplanned tasks. We want your business to be as accessible as possible.

Join the agents that use VAUNT!


    Send information on your properties easily, with just one click, quickly and easily.

    Create presentations right from your phone.

    Collaborate with other professionals within the industry and profit.

    Add properties right from your phone.

    Imobiliare.ro, Storia, Olx, Titirez- and others on request

    You have access to tutorials for each new functionality.

    You can work with reports and statistics which have been designed to be as accessible as possible.

    You have an archive where you can find all the contacts and their up to date status.

    This will simplify work not just for the manager, but of every other user as well.

    You may digitally sign contracts, generate contracts and maintain your documents updated.

    You have access to constant updates and the newest functionalities, without added costs.

    Access to an international realtors community.

    Communicate with the developers within the app and gain contracts.


    The word that defines VAUNT is automation. This is why we make sure our partners have the same goals as us. In VAUNT you benefit from integration with multiple promotion and digitization platforms. Are you ready for the next level?

    Integration with your email account!

    Meet a part of the agencies that work with VAUNT Agency:

    *Our clients are from Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Iași, Constanța.